Kelli Lawrence

Fighting for Success

Do you ever feel like life is just one fight after another?  Most women always have a battle to fight: fighting to hang on to marriages, fighting to raise successful kids in this difficult generation, fighting to stay happy through depression, fighting to balance  busy lives, and many times simply fighting to just make it through the day!  The astounding factabout women is that though they find themselves in battle after battle, they are not quitters!  All over the world, women fight,get knocked down yet get up again, determined to win!  If you find yourself embroiled in one of these battles then you have landed in the right place!

Fighting for Success
is a speaking and teaching ministry created by Kelli Lawrence.  Kelli’s mission is to spread the word that God not only loves us, but desperately desires that we succeed in life.   While the word success has been used in our world to define materialism and accumulation of prestige and power, God’s word describes it in Joshua 1 as one who is able to live within the plan God has for her.   Though difficult to achieve, it is Kelli’s desire that through her fun and energetic speaking style, women of all ages can be encouraged and motivated to live in this success.

True Success: While we women have such a determined spirit, many times we simply don’t know how to achieve success. In this study, we will unwrap together the secrets of the successful fight for a godly life.  We will begin by looking at the life of Joshua who was told to “be strong and courageous” as he obeyed God’s laws so that he would “find success wherever he went.”

Jesus: Been there, Felt that: This session was born from my sister, Vicki Lassiter, who is serving as a missionary in South America.  She was teaching a youth discipleship group and God gave her this amazing thought.  Since Jesus was a human, he experienced real emotions. From Vicki’s discipleship group, this thought has grown into a study specifically for women.  So, how are you feeling today anyway?  If you are like me, you feel a different emotion every hour.  We, as women, struggle in the area of emotions.  We are always trying to determine if we are normal.  This study will help you to embrace who God created you to be and it will help you see yourself as God sees you.  Lastly, it will allow to you use Jesus as your model for dealing with all your emotions, good and bad.

Treasures of the Heart: Have you ever said something and then wondered where in the world those words came from?  Amazingly, God knew we would experience these speaking blunders, so he explained it to us very well in Luke 6:45.  He says, “The good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth what is good; and the evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth what is evil; for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.”  In this session we will unlock the keys of mastering the words we use by attacking the problem of our heart.  By the end of this session you will not only understand why you say what you say, but you will have the tools to control all that comes out of your mouth.

Happy, Happy, Happy: Do you feel happy?  The answer to that question could change for you minute by minute.   While women have a desire for contentment, most women surveyed report that they struggle with happiness.  After discovering that fact, I began to search God’s word for His will in the area of joy.  I am glad to report that God unpacks the secret to true happiness in the Sermon on the Mount.   In this session, we will discover the secret to the happy life as developed by our incredible creator, God.

Life is not for Sissies: You can say that again!  LIFE IS NOT FOR SISSIES.  Life can be so hard at times, and yet we read in the Bible that we “can do all things through Christ.”  While we know that with our heads, we, as women, have trouble living out that very promise. This study unlocks the mystery of 1 Peter 4:11 which says, God supplies all of our strength.  We will look at several different passages to understand the practical way to live with strength, boldness and courage.

That’s What Friends Are For: God intended that we share our lives with friends.  Did you knowthat?  We are relational beings.  Sisters, we need each other.  We struggle, however, to determine just how godly friendships work.  In this study, we will see the friendships of Jesus. We will look at the different types of relationships He had, the actions He took with His friends and see just how much He needed His friends.  This is an amazing study of discovering the master plan for friendships for the Christian woman.

Speaking for Themes:  Kelli loves to speak to a specific theme for an event.  Simply tell her your theme, and she will seek the Holy Spirit for His specific message for your group.